Month: May 2014


Name: Andrew McINTOSH
Nationality: Australian
On the front line:  First started recording and trading tapes of home-made music around 1990, started dealing with Noise around 1996, created SCREWTAPE in 2000, putting out tapes and cdrs and online formats since. Right now he is off the front line – caught the clap in a military brothel and was sent back to recuperate.
Activities: The SCROUNGERS, 1990-1997, punk. Started anarchist, ended nihilist.  N.FIOS (NOISE FOR IT’S OWN SAKE), 1997-2000, desperate Noise into four-track with anything at hand.  SCREWTAPE, 2000-2013, more varied use of sound, still based on Noise. Nothing, 2013-???? Re-assessment. Zine “The Taped Crusaders”, approx. 1997 in print form ’till 2001, online for a few years after that – focused on reviews of home-recordings of any genre, began interviews when online. Tape label Solar Anus 2009-2013, mostly releases of self plus other artists (Ethic Cleansing, M.A.N.K, Undecisive God, The Haters, Von Einem). Various sound collaborations with other anartist, most notably with  Clinton Green in The Unnameable and the album “Kasoundi”, and with Ebola Disco as Ethic Cleansing.

My ‘date’ receives anonymous 6 compositions picked by me at random. He/She is supposed to discuss their artistic merits, including strengths and weaknesses of applied means of bruitist expression, structure and composing techniques.


1.LOCKWELD In Absentia
from “Eutetic” (Ground Fault 2000) CD

Very much Power Electronics – heavily effected sample-loop (a toilet flushing?), heavily effected voice (sample) repeating phrase, synth/electronics line rising up and down. Can be fairly described as “squishy” in sound, not sure if this is old-school tape PE, trying to sound like old-school tape PE or even something happening during the digitisation phase. As for its impact, it’s got a grubby appeal and I like the sound of the electronics, and it’s not too long to get dull.

2. CURRENT 93 Christ’s First Howling

from “Live At Bar Maldoror MCMLXXXIII” (Durtro 1985) CD

Well, Alternating between sound and quiet, I very much like this. Good use of samples and I suspect computer generated tones, very well paced and layered. The use of voice/choir samples gives it a somewhat “ritualistic” feel without actually becoming something too cliché, although I didn’t care for the repeated voice sample right at the end. 

3. D.D.A.A. Bruit-Son

from “Lernen 5” (Illusion Production 1985) cassette

Good to hear some acoustic sounds. A repetitive clunking and rattling of somethings with electronic tones in the background and someone chanting and vocal ululating in the front. Can’t say I was rapt in this piece – it got to some points where the vocals especially just sound silly (especially the falsetto – I hate falsetto). It’s a simple little piece with a few elements, nicely recorded, but the vocals just strike me as too unnecessarily over-the-top. 


from “e stœ” (Dachstuhl 2002) CD-R

Very nice drones, heavy on the bass but not so that they weigh everything down. Slow and gradual, which is how I like it. Different layers of tones, some slowly pulsing, some slowly oscillating, the whole piece having a dull sheen that hints at things like the recording or the mixing. It changes over its course but doesn’t mutate into anything different, apart from going from warm to cool. Best spiral I’ve heard in this collection so far, but I have to wonder if this is typical of whomever this is – if it is, I’ll need to find out more. 

5. SUDDEN INFANT meets LINAKO Time Has Come

from “Live In Vienna” (Klanggalerie 2003) 7” EP

I never developed a taste for quickly jumping sounds, but it is interesting to hear these develop, though. A saxophone, perhaps? Underneath these scuffling and blurting sounds is a more gradual layer of what I think are computer effected versions of the original sound source, which build and layer and actually create quite an interesting spiral. I’m wondering if this is a duo, someone creating the original sounds and someone else manipulating them? This is quite good, I like this.

6. SKULL:AXIS Sorm 2

from “The Transparent Society” (Peripheral Records 2013) CD

Dark, groaning and slowly coursing drone sounds. Some rushing undertones. A short piece but fortunately doesn’t do too much over it’s course. Sounds like something one would hear on a Cold Spring release. It’s quite well done, I do like, there’s nothing exceptional about it but it does have a feeling and resonance that makes me hope other material by this project/artist would be just as pleasant.

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