Month: October 2015


Name: Aleksandar NENAD
Nationality: Serbian
On the front line: Since 2008.
Activities: DEAD BODY COLLECTION, CREATION THROUGH DESTRUCTION noise industrial / HNW projects; “Pure Nothing Worship” print magazine.


My ‘date’ receives anonymous 6 compositions picked by me at random. He/She is supposed to discuss their artistic merits, including strengths and weaknesses of applied means of bruitist expression, structure and composing techniques.

1. HEX MINORA  Predation

from “Ai” (Metamorphosi 1995) cassette

Harsh noise with a lot of static and high frequencies. Sounds like an European project from late ’80s and ’90s but I think this one is coming from mid-’90s because it has analog feeling. I guess this track is made with electronics done with pedal gear and tape manipulations. It’s recorded directly to tape so it gives a little bit harder sound. Classic noise, I have nothing more to add.

2. SMALL CRUEL PARTY  Texture And Transparency

from “Koilos” (Banned Production 2003) mCD-R

This very minimal piece of experimental noise. It starts with weird crunchy static which reminds me of ANW works by The RITA. On 5th minute harsh noise sounds is added to mix which build very unique sound approach. Sounds like some HNW / HN collaboration. On 11th minute everything disappears and all noises are replaced with quiet field recording and it’s slowly go to silence ’till end of the track.

3. EMERGE  Contrition 1

from “Contrition” (Attenuation Circuit 2011) mCD-R

Pure musique concrète track with very experimental approach. Master BRUME comes to mind. Artist mixed a lot of dark sounds in this track. Sometimes we can hear various analog noises, tape manipulation, dark drones, ghost in the machine and maybe some analog keyboard or piano. Everything is very carefully crafted in goal to crate unpleasant feeling while listening to this track. Well done!

4. Brendan MURRAY Hymn Two 

from “Wonders Never Ceasen” (Intransitive Recordings 2007) CD

3 minutes of hard hitting harsh noise. Not to much to say about this track. Sound like some brutal harsh noise of American school with. Reminds me little bit of MACRONYMOHA because sounds are obliviously made with analog gear.

5. AIN SOPH  Untitled

from “I” (Old Europa Café 1984 / 2000) CD

This is some ritual ambient with healthy dose of recording made in some room or basement. I really like those recording but repetitive keyboard note somehow ruin atmosphere. I guess this is European project from Old Europa Cafe family. Very harsh and irritating sound (I guess this comes from keyboard too) will destroy your ears nearly the end of this track. Remove terrible keyboard notes and you will get wonderful and scary track.


from “Edge Of Destruction” (Swinging Axe Productions 1986) cassette

This is really good mix of droney dark ambient with musique concrète. Few parts reminds me of old Maeror Tri or Asianova. This is obliviously old project from Europa. I guess this is recorded during early ’90 with a using of various weird instruments, some old percussions and tape manipulations.

Blind Date #16