050 Frakcja Supramuzyczna Galerii: “Nie-Galerii” “Omniofonia” 3 x CD

przód okładka discogsIMG_7984

Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies, in solid, cardboard boxes, including 24-paged booklet with archive photos and Alexander Sikora’s articles about biography, artistic ideas and musical sessions.

The CD set  contains the most seminal examples of sound creation output of  Frakcja SupraMuzyczna Galerii: “Nie-Galerii” (SupraMusical Fraction of Gallery: Non-Gallery).

In FSM GnG we acted somewhat along these lines, albeit without intending to create any closed composition, or considering any aesthetic factors in our work with sounds. Our goal was to improvise (haphazard) juxtapositions of concrete sounds of reality (i.e. sound objects) with sounds made with use of primitive musical instruments (none of us could play any instrument in a conventional sense) – as a way of documenting a contemporary state of our existence and/or certain deeply felt atmosphere of the moment. In fact, we were not creating any.

(excerpt of Alexander Sikora’s text from booklet to this release)

Frakcja Supramuzyczna Galerii: “Nie-Galerii” – Sesja I 04_05.1984 track



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