Month: January 2015

045 Denier Du Culte ‎– Messe Around…

Now available from Impulsy Stetoskopu!

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We are proud to present this compilation release from one of the most unique the industrial avant-garde of rock music acts from France in the 80s. Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies double CD in metal boxes.


044 LINEKRAFT “Delusional Disorder”

Now available from Impulsy Stetoskopu!  

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We are proud to present this release from one of the most interesting modern Industrial / Noise acts from Japan (and probably in the world). Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies CD in metal boxes.

043 The Archive Of Polish Industrial Music Presents: SOMA – STRUCTURE (WUNDER BAR & SCHISTOSOMA 1986-1996)

Now available from Impulsy Stetoskopu:

The next part of “The Archive Of Polish Industrial Music Presents: “ series.
Limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies 4 x CD-R in a 16×16 cm solid box with a 16 paged booklet.

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In the mid 1980s Polish independent music was at its peak. Apart from Tri-city, Wroclaw and Cracow, the southeast of Poland, including the city of Rzeszów, was the place of exceptional activity from young artists associated with new wave, post-punk, and avant-garde rock music. Located somewhere on the fringes of the country’s music underground, the flurry of creative atmosphere which emerged there gave rise to bands like 1984, ONE MILLION BULGARIANS or WAŃKA WSTAŃKA.

It must have acted as a catalyst for creative, artistic thinking in many young people who had first-hand experience of those times and events. One of them was Wojciech ŻMUDA (b. 1964), a versatile artist, devoting his explorations to the refined avant-garde dating back to the interwar period rather than rock aesthetics dominated by punk rock revolt. In 1983 he started experimenting with sound, much in a spirit of musique concrète using a simple cassette recorder. He mixed field recordings with sounds of everyday random objects: lids, suitcases, safety razor blades, sheets of paper, etc.

A short extract from a biography by Rafał Kochan (translated by Przemek Chojnacki)